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Whether you just need a checkup or are looking for a doctor to care for your whole family, you’ll find what you need at UT Health Hill Country, conveniently located in Leon Springs. The primary care practice within UT Health San Antonio includes providers that specialize in internal medicine, family medicine, children’s health and geriatric care.

Primary care appointments are available Monday through Friday.

If you are a return patient and would like to talk to a doctor, please request an appointment by calling 210-450-6800 or login to MyChart.

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A Primary Care Team to Support Your Family

Having a record of your healthcare can be very helpful when it comes to unexpected illness. Additionally, when the need for immunizations, allergies, or treatment for cold and flu arise, having a physician who knows your history is helpful in the diagnosis process. UT Health Hill Country is equipped to serve you in all your primary care needs. If you have a more serious or chronic condition, we will help you and your family navigate finding treatment. As a part of UT Health San Antonio, we have access to specialists in every area of medicine.

Primary care appointments are available Monday through Friday.

To request an appointment, simply fill out the form on this page or call 210-450-6800.

Primary Care Services

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Annual Physicals

Behavioral Health Consultants

Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions


Tobacco Cessation Program

Vaccinations and Immunizations

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Primary Care Services


An allergy is an abnormal reaction by your body’s immune system to something that should be harmless. Medications, pollens, insect stings and foods can cause an allergic reaction. We test for allergies by a skin test or blood test. UT Health Hill Country offers reliable tests and treatments to find the cause of and solution to your allergy problems. We are experts at relieving chronic and seasonal allergies using individualized allergy testing and treatment regimens.

Annual Physicals

We believe in a caring, compassionate approach in our preventative screening exams. We will listen to you and help you with any follow-up appointments that may be required. Annual exams create a record of health that you and your provider can rely on when illness or urgent care needs arise. Stay on top of your health by scheduling your yearly physical appointment with UT Health Hill Country.

An annual physical may include:
• Abdominal exam
• Blood pressure
• Blood panel
• Breast exam for women
• Neck/thyroid exam

• Heart evaluation

• Hernia exam for men
• Lung evaluation
• Medication logging

• Pelvic exam for women

• Prostate exam for men
• Skin exam
• Urine test

Additional services are available depending on your particular health concerns.

Behavioral Health Consultants

Our patients benefit from having behavioral health services readily available through our primary care practice. We offer behavioral and emotional health assessments and treatments to help our patients cope with common concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues and workplace issues. Because we are part of a collaborative team, we are able to provide behavioral health services to meet the specific needs of our patients with chronic medical conditions, such as insomnia, depression, chronic pain, addiction, and other conditions.

No two patients’ needs are the same, so each patient receives an individualized care plan. Treatments could include regular counseling sessions, behavioral modification techniques, medication and a number of other therapies.

When our patients have severe concerns, such as suicidal thoughts or substance abuse, we work closely with mental health specialists to provide needed care through additional screenings and/or referrals.

Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions

Our physicians are experts in applying the newest, most reliable strategies for helping patients with multiple chronic conditions maintain their health and improve their daily lives. We are proactive in collaborating with our patients’ other specialty physicians, such as cardiologists and endocrinologists, to ensure continuity of care.

We also offer disease management techniques for maintaining proper nutrition, learning appropriate exercises, managing medications, handling emotions and communicating with physicians.


Our geriatricians and geriatric nurse practitioners focus on senior health, including physical health, mental health and the ability to function in everyday activities. We provide the primary health care all adults need as well as all the health care services seniors require. Some of these specialized needs include memory care, hearing and vision health, arthritis treatment, incontinence treatment and the management of multiple chronic conditions.

Generally, our geriatric patients are 65 years of age and older. However, any adult who suffers from any of the following medical problems should consult with a geriatrician:

• Decline in being able to function independently
• Repeated falls
• Older adults with a disability or illness, even in the early stages
• Older adults with complex medical and social problems
• Caregiver issues
• Dementia or memory loss
• Confusion

Cold and Flu Season

The decision of whether or not to get your flu shot is an important one. Although having received the shot does not guarantee prevention, the immunization does help reduce the severity of symptoms and may prevent you from passing it along to others who are more susceptible. Having an established primary care physician can help you to be seen more quickly and have your symptoms managed before they get worse or spread to others.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

For patients four years of age and above, our physicians offer a complete range of vaccines that help boost the body’s immune response to particular diseases. Vaccinations also help stop the spread of potentially dangerous diseases in the United States and abroad. Our providers are experts in the appropriate scheduling, administration, and logging of all vaccine types. We are happy to answer any questions our patients may have about vaccines and immunizations during appointments.

We also offer MyChart, a free, secure online service that allows you to access your immunization record and other medical information from a computer or smart device.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Ready to live smoke free? We can help. Smoking is the most common cause of preventable illness and death. Making a decision to quit is one of the most important things you can do for your health. The Tobacco Cessation Program at UT Health Hill Country can help you learn how to give up any kind of tobacco habit.

Individual counseling appointments are available.

Consider a visit if:

– You are thinking about stopping
– You want to stop smoking
– You have stopped smoking