Maternal Fetal Medicine

High-Risk Pregnancy Care Near Boerne

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are experts in prenatal diagnosis. They are trained in using advanced, fetal ultrasounds and specialized testing to diagnose potential birth defects or genetic disorders.

Each of our maternal-fetal medicine specialists has an additional three years of specialty obstetrics education in order to provide more expertise in obstetrical, medical and surgical complications of pregnancy, commonly referred to as high-risk pregnancies.

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Maternal-Fetal Specialists to Advise You

For an appointment with one of our maternal fetal medicine specialists, ask your doctor to refer you to UT Health Hill Country, or schedule your first appointment with one of our primary care doctors.

As a patient-centered medical home, we are set up to provide coordinated care for your whole family. Our primary care doctors are just down the hall from our maternal fetal medicine, urology and orthopaedic specialists.

Questions? Call 210-450-6800 to learn more about other services at UT Health Hill Country.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Services

Ultrasound Screening

Pain Medicine

Genetic Counseling

Aneuploidy Screening

Cell-free fetal DNA testing

Evaluation Aneuploidy Screening Test

Fetal umbilical cord sampling and other fetal procedures


Patrick Ramsey M.D.

Kayla Ireland M.D.